Racin Nygaard

This page contains a collection of some of the projects I have worked on. Github Profile

Blockchain Storage System (2018)

Distributed Storage with Strong Data Integrity based on Blockchain Mechanisms. Implementation of a prototype of the architecture designed in the master's thesis. Written in Golang, using Tendermint and IPFS.

Radoku (2015)

Sudoku solver and generator. Contains over 300 million generated boards, each with only one possible solution. Written in C# and JavaScript.

Bug-Hunter (2006)

Top-down shooter with no story line. Shoot some bugs! Written in C++, using wxWidgets.

Goblin Hut (2016)

Site for recording league and tournament results. Written in C# and JavaScript. Uses MySQL for the database.

Atlas [Offline] (2017)

Statically hosted version of a modularized front-end solution for the Qualiware suite. Uses the observer pattern to allow for highly customized and decoupled modules. Each module is implemented in the MVC architecture. Offers a rich set of features if a database connection is available. Written in JavaScript and C#.

Owlo (2015)

Simple drag and drop application. Allows parents to visualize the conditions of when the child should be rewarded. Written in PHP and JavaScript.